Data reporting

Accurate program and service records are an important part of maintaining funding eligibility as a provider and for the families receiving services. DEC-funded providers are required to use several data systems to report about  program services, enrollment and attendance, professional development, and vacancies.

For more details about data reporting requirements, review the Operating Guidelines.

Early Learning SF is a website DEC and our partners use to connect families to ELS-qualified programs. Ensuring your Early Learning SF profile is up to date and reporting your vacancies will help you connect to families and fill your ELS, Title 5 and voucher vacancies.

User Guide

Early Learning SF

Tip Sheet

How to Report a Vacancy

Tip Sheet

What Makes a Good Match

Tip Sheet

How to Interact with Families

DEC Enrollment Tracking System (DETS)

The DEC Enrollment Tracking System (DETS) is the data system DEC uses to record and track enrollments funded through MRA, CSPP, CCTR, Preschool For All (PFA), Early Head Start, and Head Start. ELS providers serving children enrolled with one or more of these funding types are required to input their enrollments and certify their enrollment data monthly. The deadline to certify enrollment data each month is the 10th of the following month. For example, if you are certifying your January enrollment data, the deadline to certify is February 10th.

For Support

If you have any questions or require support setting up your DETS account, logging in, or inputting and certifying your enrollments, please contact the Children’s Council Help Desk at or 415-343-4669 

California ECE Workforce Registry

The California ECE Workforce Registry is designed to track and promote the education, training and experience of the early care and education workforce. Participation in the Registry is required for ELS programs, and all educators working at ELS sites must maintain up-to-date registry profiles in order to receive DEC-funded Workforce Compensation.

Resources for Educators and Staff

Video Tutorial

CA ECE Workforce Registry Overview


Creating a CA ECE Workforce Registry Profile


Complete Your Registry Profile Checklist


How to Upload Documents on the Registry

Resources for Employers

How to

How to Request Administrative Access


How to Review and Verify Staff Information

For Additional Support

For any additional questions or support navigating your Registry profile, please contact the Children’s Council Help Desk at or 415-343-4669