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September 30 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

“Words give us the ability to communicate across the boundaries of
time and space that usually separate one mind from another. “The
Greek poet Aristophanes wrote, “By words the mind is winged.” “
From “Parenting from The Inside Out by Daniel Seigel
As educators we are given a superpower: with our words, our songs, our
stories, and our genuine interest in children, we can support children’s
innate ability to develop complex language. And, as we slowly introduce
the children to the world of print, we launch them into their first steps
to understand how print can memorialize their words and the words of
others. Come join us in transforming our classrooms in language rich environments, where all
languages are celebrated, and where children are given many opportunities to explore ways to
use language to understand and “read” the world. Come share with others how you form
partnerships with families, so they too become

Together we will:
● Learn about the process of language acquisition.
● Discover developmentally appropriate ways to encourage literacy practices.
● Share strategies to support oral language development with infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
● Study examples of strategies for literacy development at home – if you are teaching virtually.
● Discuss ways to engage children in meaningful conversations.
● Talk about the relationship between play and learning.
● Consider our own use of language and its impact on children.
● Uncover innovative ways to support literacy development in ECE environments.
● Review current ECE tools (such as CA Foundations, DRDP, the CA Curriculum Framework, CLASS etc.)
as they relate to language and literacy in the early years.
● Brainstorm strategies to engage families in supporting language and literacy at home.
● Participate in Professional Learning Communities, where you will learn from other educators, and
study documentation from different classrooms.
● Choose wonderful books for your classroom.
● Participate in a end of the year celebration, with great food, prizes and sharing of documentation.

How will this work?
● Who attends: all members of a teaching team and at least one administrator who can support
implementation. Center based AND Family Child Care educators will be working together!

o Actively participate in 3 workshops of 3 hours each (Fall of 2023) (Calendar below)
o Engage in 3 Communities of practice of 1.5 hours each once a month.

● WORK WITH A COACH: Your teams will also receive coaching sessions, tailored to your needs.

English cohort: Shirley Chew and Eliana Elias


● Date / Time:
FALL 2024
Trainings 9:00AM to 12:00PM

September 23
September 30
October 21

PLCs 6:30PM to 8:00PM

PLC #1-October 30
PLC #2-November 27
PLC #3-December 18

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